There are so many factors that give Bands an upright advantage to jumpstart sustainable development in both their communities and their region at large. With an abundance of natural resources and growing population, much can be done to build a strong and environmentally friendly economy.

Insofar, many Aboriginal leaders have found effective ways to balance their interests between economic development and environmental stewardship in order to achieve sustainable self-reliance for their communities. These leaders have optimized their community’s potential and have created means for investing in their community’s future. Here is your chance to learn from these leaders.

Gain new skills to jumpstart your community at our specialized programs:


Acquire knowledge on new and innovative green technologies, and discover how your community can, not only become self-sufficient, but also monetize on this thriving industry.


Despite a significant downturn in the energy sector, there is still a lot of potential for communities’ to profit off this industry. Uncover alternative strategies to keep your community prosperous and environment safe.

North of 60

Understanding the unique challenges of Canada’s remote northern communities is critical for growing their economy. Learn new means for building the necessary infrastructure for job creation.